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Borja Marting - Creative

“Keep your eye on the doughnut”

I come from Talavera de la Reina, a small town near Madrid and I'm now based in between London and Barcelona.

Since an early age I was drawn into music, when I was 6 I would sit in front of a radio and record my favourite songs in cassette tapes so that I could play them throughout the week. I learnt I was drawn into the audio and visual side of things fairly early too but there wasn't much at hand where I come from until an older kid of the group brought in a mixer and record players, fast forward many years from that I found my first job as a Dj at 16 and having performed in many countries, I will often make friends with photographers and so the visual side of my career came in. These guys were a lot better than anything I could imagine ever making myself at the time but they needed editors, I started doing graphics and editing photos and video while learning from people I admire today. 


After years of Djing, travelling, graphic design and editing I found a more permanent residency in London where I started working as a creative consultant and editor for perfumer Azzi Glasser. Working in collaboration with COTY in the concept and production of marketing assets and campaigns leading to collaborations with Boss & MaxFactor.

Working in Fashion was a great to learn the ins and outs of fine image making, lighting, story, working with small and larger teams, quick turnarounds that lead me to work for the Department for International Trade in the UK on national and international campaigns with brands like Burberry, Aspinal, Marshall... 2 years later I would meet the folks at Familia Films in London and an opportunity to join them in house and use/combine all my skills in the fields I was most passionate about : Music & Fashion.

Met some great people, learnt the power of "family at work", successfully brought home some great productions from label and artists I admire but most importantly, learnt the full 360 of what it takes to create award winning music videos and commercials with some of the most talented creatives.

Covid put a stop to many of us at the time and I'm not the kind that sits still, it's then I picked up the camera myself and started working regularly with Reiss, NEXT, Sony Records, ULTRA music, Adidas. 


Currently freelance as Creative Consultant specialised in Music & Fashion working in photo, video and art/work collaborations.  


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